There are many ways to make bath time fun, we just proud to be THE BEST ONE!


    Our bath toys are absolutely non-toxic and contain no essential oils or fragrance. Each bath bomb is made of food-grade ingredients that are 100% safe.


    Since 1988 our bath toys have originally been hand-made in South-Africa, making them not only safe to use, but also memorable.


    Kids always want something exciting, surprising and fun. That's why we made sure each of our beans and sprudels comes with a dazzling magical sponge toy.


    Every purchase made on The Bean People comes with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We pride ourselves in having quality control processes that are second to none.

The Bean People

Bath Sprudels

Meet our Bath Sprudels that make bath time a great time! After dropping the Sprudel in hot water, it fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance (using food-grade ingredients) into the air as it changes the color of your bath water. Hidden inside is a cute sponge bean character that will reveal itself.

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The Bean People

Bath Beans

Our magic food-grade gelatin capsules release two sponge toys from each capsule when dropped into warm water. See the joy on your children's face as these adorable characters magically appears to spice up their bath!

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Baby Bath Collection

Meet our baby bath collection - A perfect duo of a divine Hypoallergenic Baby Oil and a Baby Soft Lotion. They are gentle and safe, making them perfect for your little one's delicate skin. Because we believe every smile and tiny toe deserves the best!

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    " These were gifted to my 4 year old daughter and as soon as she realized there were sponges inside, she was obsessed. She had us guess what the sponge will be and each new sponge goes to bed with her at night. "

    - Megan.

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    " These bath bombs are great! They have a very faint smell, which is great for children. The colours are vibrant, but they don't stain the tub or my kids' skin. Inside each bath bomb is a small sponge shaped like an animal and my 4 year old is always very excited to discover what shape the sponge will be. "

    - Christina.

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    " My 8 yr old son loves these. He has sensitive skin so finding bath products is always a chore. These were a huge hit and he is begging to take a bath now. The colours are vivid and don't stain and the sponge toy inside is something to look forward to. "

    - Lisa.

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